Professor Jess

Friday, July 14, 2006

Professor Jessica M. W. Flitey

Welcome to my webpage. Below you will see a list of my publications, which I hope will be of use to researchers and students. I am Professor of Parapsychology and Paranormal Investigation at the University of Duncairn in Scotland, a position I have held since 1995. I have enjoyed a long and tremendously successful academic career and remain a highly respected figure in my field.

My current research is an in-depth case study of Horton Carew, a Dundonian man whom I argue is something of a magnet for paranormal phenomena. My forthcoming monograph, detailed below, will examine some of the many strange events surrounding Mr. Carew and attempt to offer explanations for them. Before my findings are published, I refer interested readers to his weblog, which I encouraged him to set up. Here he keeps a record of his thoughts and feelings regarding his troubled life.


Blessings Be,


My Notable achievements:

  • In 2003 I was appointed Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Highlands and Islands Academic Clairvoyance Association.
  • In 2001 I won the Pillet Gride Award for my essay on the applications of ghee in Vedic Science.
  • In 1999, under my guidance, my department became the first in the world to accept a ghost onto a B.Sc. programme. Harolde Longshankes (1415-1455) became the first spirit ever to graduate from an Institute of Higher Learning, receiving a well-earned 2:2 in Pyramidology. Congratulations Harolde, and good luck with your M. Phil!
  • In 1998 I received the prestigious Bodel Carrack Award for Effort.
  • In 1993 I was awarded the Fulton and Glaive Prize for my research into telekinesis among ungulates.
  • In 1989 I became the first Scottish female academic to be successfully transported backwards in time, albeit via astral-projection.
  • In 1985 I received the Parr-Suttlidge Oyl-Cascade Award.
  • In 1979 I gave birth to my daughter Jaiyyne. This is undoubtedly my highest achievement to date, aside from my many academic awards.

Books (a selection)

On Thumbs and Manatees: The Curious Case of Horton Carew (University of Duncairn Press, forthcoming 2007).

Scepticism as Pseudoscience (Hull: Turnpike & Brockle, 2004).

Telepathy and Telemarketing (London: Loutridge, 2001)

The ‘Jeff Banks Bot’: How an Android Fooled the World (Hull: Pottle and Limmerman Publishers, 2000)

Crumbling into Dust: The Plight of Native Lucifugous Revenants in Contemporary America (with Edward Weyland and Kathleen Conklin) (California: University of Sunnydale Press, 1999).

Using Graphology to Understand the Welsh (Ohio: Cupple & Yonson, 1996).

Opus Don’t: An Investigation into the Preternatural Prelacy of the Opus Dei Organization (London: Judderman and Clive Ltd, 1992).

Hey, Fever!: The CIA’s use of Pollinosis for Population Control (Liverpool: Mildew Books, 1988).

Therianthropy and its Usage in Third World Cattle Farming (Hull: Firkum and Tove, 1985).

Phantom Pregnancies: The Rights of Ghost/Human Couples to Reproduce (University of Pitlochry Press, 1981).

The Curative Gris-Gris: Counteractant Charms from the North-East of Scotland (Glasgow: Clyde University Press:, 1978).

Chapters in Books (a selection)

‘An Interview with the Spectre of Al Jolson’, in Celebrity Apparitions Discuss Melanin Theory ed. by Charlotte F. Kilt (Manchester: Zinger Books, 2002), pp. 37-41.

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Journal Articles (a selection)

‘The Broxden Roundabout Bigfoot: The Case for a Scottish Sasquatch’, Journal of Scottish Cryptozoology, Vol. 2, no. 1 (2005), pp. 30-52.

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